My Heart DEETs Faster For You

PLEASE read this one before my review. Please don't let me spoil something this pure, this beautiful, this heartrending.

The superficial basics of this SCP are a biotechnological breed of mosquito actually engineered by the foundation itself to spy on people, which is already interesting in itself. Of course an organization with ghosts, monsters, aliens and reality-bending puppets in its clutches could pull off some seemingly impossible scientific feats of its own.

Unfortunately, the mosquitoes demonstrated an anomalous "glitch" the Foundation never planned and still can't explain; as soon as one of them drinks human blood, she achieves telepathic sapience and falls totally in love with the subject, and this is your LAST CHANCE to read the entry before I ruin it, because the real draw of this SCP is the tale of true love and tragedy that unfolds in the collapsible log. The kind of person who can still love somebody after finding out they're a genetically altered mosquito with one more week to live is the kind of person who deserves all the happiness the world has to offer...and surprisingly, his story does not end as dark as we're accustomed to from the Foundation.

Yes, even after this guy's dying insect girlfriend asks to lay eggs in his bloodstream, even after the Foundation retrieves him with human fetuses growing under his flesh, he still gets to have a relatively happy ending. As far as he knows - after routine Foundation memory-tinkering - he's just another normal, single dad with four normal, human kids whose normal, human mom passed away for normal, human reasons and none of them are a scientific curiosity under indefinite Foundation monitoring.

Sometimes it's just nice to have a bittersweet, wholesome story like this where nobody has to be terminated as a threat to the fabric of the universe.