Phone Calls From Mom

Speaking of SCP's carried by storytelling, SCP-2190 is an entity that manifests through mobile phones, calling people who meet a certain set of parameters and offering them very large sums of money if they'll help "rescue" her daughter from an "abusive" relationship, by which she actually means a very happy relationship with a man who isn't Catholic and isn't the specific man she had chosen to meet her daughter. It's a classic case of manipulative, meddling family that I know some of you reading can unfortunately relate to, but if you haven't guessed already, this overbearing parent kept up the phone calls long after supposedly dying.

This entity can make good on her offers, too, with total control over her bank accounts and other assets she had when she was still living, or at least still contained to reality as we know it. Any attempts to close or alter these assets meet with failure, which is interestingly not a concept I've ever seen before in a "haunting" scenario...but is it just a haunting?

Much of the entry consists of the daughter's own sad testimony, and it's easy to want to completely despise her hateful, obsessed and neglectful mother...but then she relays a bit of what her mother is experiencing; that her mother claims to be lost in her own house, that it keeps getting bigger and bigger and that it's filled with toys, clothes and gifts intended for the grandchildren she wishes she had.

There's no telling if what we're dealing with here is a restless ghost in the traditional sense of the concept or something more anomalous, but no matter how despicable her motivations, there's something I still find heartwrenching about that description of her situation, about someone who desperately, desperately can't let go of something and wanders confused in a maze of their own unfulfilled wishes.

The story ends on another of the Foundation's rare quasi-positive notes, as it's decided that the foundation will take measures to protect the daughter's relationship rather than simply split them up and wipe their memories, in part because the foundation is still made up of real human beings with real human feelings; a far cry from entries that spin them as almost a greater force of malice than anything they work to contain.