Telepathic Spider

This is a more highly related SCP than most I've been reviewing, and it's at least our third talking arthropod SCP, but it's truly hard to resist featuring this one. This little jumping spider that speaks mind-to-mind with an Australian accent is another that starts off with pure goofy, talking-animal fun, but as the only such spider known to either the Foundation or itself, its loneliness becomes quickly apparent.

It's only in his final chat with a Foundation researcher that he sees for the first time what he's been talking to, how massive humans are, which nearly breaks his poor little mind...but he's still glad that he had a friend, or anyone to talk to, before the end of his short natural life span. Feeling like he wants to "change his coat" but can't sounds like a reference to being out of molts, the typical indicator that an arthropod has reached its end, and especially touching are his final thoughts that he had at least hoped his children would be able to talk.

1470 is now long dead of natural causes in Foundation continuity, but his babies and grandbabies and great grandbabies continue to be protected, fed and monitored in case any of them ever display any unusual behavior. It's Charlotte's Web SCP style, and really rips the rug out from under you if you were expecting a pure comedy piece.