"Excuse me, this is the wrong pizza"

If you can't tell by this point, at which we're nearly done with these reviews for the year, I'm really fond of the "lighter" SCP's, both in terms of tone and in terms of severity. The world-ending horrors and metafiction epics are all fine and good, but they're what people already expect the most, and after a while, you get bored of a thousand different scary things that kill people in a thousand different yucky ways.

"Excuse me, this is the wrong pizza" is another great example of a subtler SCP; this poor guy works as a pizza delivery driver, but every single pizza he delivers is transformed seemingly at random into some other kind of pizza by the time it reaches its destination. Sometimes it's the exact opposite of what the customer ordered. Sometimes it even has inedible materials on it. It's an anomaly that seems minor and laughable compared to what we've seen, but it can make life utter hell if you're the one affected by it.

What makes this entry more interesting however is the Foundation's positive impact on this man's life. It's in their best interest to keep anomalies healthy and alive, after all, so while they continue to monitor and test the phenomenon, they end up getting his apartment clean, improving his diet and improving his personal hygiene.

It soon turns out that all of these things are even directly linked to the anomaly. The better his living conditions, the more pizzas come out exactly as ordered, which means the cheapest option to "contain" the anomaly is to just keep encouraging the guy to take care of himself and pay to keep him at his job. It's a simple, quirky, happy little scenario in the Foundation's sea of brain-sucking parasites and baby eating demons.

Also, the authors of this piece actually really ordered the oddest looking pizza they could get away with for the file photo. Personally, I think it looks pretty good, but I've really never encountered a pizza topping I thought was bad and the only thing I probably wouldn't accept on a pizza is corn.