A Human Shaped Hole to the Meat Dimension

I swear I didn't deliberately seek to review three Diptera-related SCP's in one month. I was actually reeled in entirely by this one's title and initial description, which is exactly what it sounds like: it's a sentient, human-shaped hole in space, and it leads to a strange world where the ground is made entirely of raw meat. Specifically, it's human muscle tissue, and it seems to just go on and on forever, broken only by the odd patch of hair or other organs. At one point, an entire human-shaped circulatory and nervous system is found embedded in the fleshy ground, normal size except for an only slightly large brain, which certainly raises some interesting questions. This is only encountered once, so I can't help guessing it's the "original" or "true" body of the being.

All is not well in meat world, however, as it is also inhabited by gigantic, six foot maggots beneath its surface, identical in all other respects to Cochliomyia, or the dreaded screw-worm. These even mature into giant-sized flies, and presumably continue breeding and infesting the landscape.

This sheds some fairly sad and disturbing light on the SCP's recovery story, too. It should be mentioned that it's capable of slicing through any physical matter with its edges, and was using this ability to break into stores like some mutant supervillain...but all it ever stole were cans of insecticide, later seen attached to the ends of fleshy pseudopods within its realm. Who knows where the giant maggots came from or how they tie in to this entity's existence, but they obviously cause it considerable pain, and its only means of fighting back, so far, has been a few measly cans of bug spray, which it even uses to seemingly defend a Foundation drone from a fly attack during the brief exploration log.

Due to its matter-slicing properties, however, there's no way for the Foundation to contain 3478 without pumping sedatives directly into the tissues of its inner world, and I'm not sure if the author shared this line of thinking, but if they're keeping the poor thing asleep...can it do anything to stop the parasites breeding out of control in its flesh?