Beetlejuice: Delia's Artwork
Two of my favorite movie "monsters" almost can't be considered monsters at all, unless
you consider an inanimate object a monster for as long as it's being animated by a ghost.
That's a monster, right? Let's just say yes, yes it is.
Shame on you if you've never seen Beetlejuice, but either way I'll cut to the chase: Delia
Deetz is an unpopular yet insufferably smarmy artist with highly eccentric tastes, including
some incredibly weird (awesome) abstract sculptures. Towards the end of the film, two of
her sculptures are temporarily brought to life by the ghostly powers of Beetlejuice himself.
It's only a few seconds worth of stop-motion animation, but it's one of my favorite
moments in the film. There's just such an insane atmosphere to the scene, I love how it's
shot, the cartoony horror music as they come alive and the creepy way they move.
The bulbous, brain-like sculpture can't seem to lift its cubical base, dragging itself with its
tentacular appendages. In motion, it seems like an intentional homage to the crawling
brains from
Fiend Without a Face.
The antler-like sculpture, my favorite of the two, just flips itself around to become a crazy
block-headed bug creature.

As minor as their roles were, I loved these things the moment I saw them, and always
thought it would be awesome if you could buy little bendy toys or plushes of them. Why the
hell not? Am I the only one who thought they were break-out stars?