Blaster Master - by Jonathan Wojcik, early childhood
"Blaster Master" was the very first game I ever rented on the Nintendo Entertainment System, my second NES
game after Super Mario Brothers. Though I spent every waking hour playing it for the entire weekend, I
seriously never found the first boss until the second evening and never managed to beat it. I was just a kid and
simply horrible at video games, but the scenery and creatures of that first stage were more than enough to
keep me enthralled. I explored every inch of it again and again, hummed along to its theme music and drew
loads of pictures. Here, we have a barely coherent representation of almost every enemy in the stage:
The frog-like doorway to stage two was my favorite creature at the time, also the weird, hairy
cyclops-alien-head you encounter in one room (here, you can see it to the right of the green