Ants vs. Ladybugs - by Jonathan Wojcik, early childhood
The vaguely eligible writing tells me this was probably made towards the end of my kindergarten period, but I
had probably already learned some crude writing from my beloved collection of zoology books, in particular the
"Little Golden Guide to North American Insects," which I carried with me damn near everywhere. It was from this
lovely little book that I developed my earliest understanding of taxonomy and the relationships between
different species.

In this chilling scene of life and death, a couple of ladybugs threaten to devour an ant colony's beloved aphid
friends. In the real world, Ladybugs are fairly brutal predators of these tiny plant pests, which many ants farm
as "cattle" for their sugary excrement.

The savage ladybugs never suspected that the ants would be on friendly terms with one of their own deadliest
predators, an ant-lion or "doodlebug!"