The Princess and the Monster - by Jonathan Wojcik, early childhood
You're looking at "the Princess" and her friend "the Monster" using a mousetrap to catch
themselves a pet ghost. I also left myself a note to "coler" it later, which I never did.

These are quite possibly my earliest original characters. I don't know how old I was, but I can
distinctly remember that "the monster" was supposed to resemble a particular piece of mossy
driftwood from the front yard, which had knots resembling large, black eye sockets. It seems
the best I could illustrate this was some sort of hairy slug.

Because I was apparently into subverting stereotypes back then, the monster was best friends
with a fairy-tale style princess. They loved each other like siblings, and adventured around her
kingdom collecting more monsters to be friends with. I don't know where any other drawings of
them went, but I do remember they added a skeleton, a giant bat, a giant spider, and a slimy
blob to their gang. I also remember that the princess would have to rescue them all the time
from bigger monsters or "mean people" and was an accomplished fighter. I think one of the last
drawings was an epic, dialog-free comic wherein the Princess and all the other creatures had
to save The Monster from a maze of deadly traps.

I think the monster may have also been partially based on the
polyps from Disney's The Little
Mermaid, though that would make me six years old when I drew this, and I'm fairly sure I was
more advanced at drawing and spelling by that age, so my memory might be confused any
number of ways.