Mummy Blood - by Jonathan Wojcik, early childhood
I don't remember who it was or why, but I do remember creating this picture because I thought
it would scare someone I was angry with for some stupid, small child reason.

I was mortally terrified of blood during my early years. Just the sight of it. Just a drop. Drawing it
myself didn't bother me, but to see a character on television get the slightest red scratch, even
a cartoon character, would send me crying and gagging from the room.
It would ruin my entire
. I seriously just couldn't conceive of anything in the world more singularly horrifying than
blood where it doesn't belong.

I have no idea when this finally ended, but I actually do remain a bit squeamish and can't watch
things like the
Saw films. About the only gore that never bothers me is in films from the 80's
and earlier.