Star Wars - by Jonathan Wojcik, early childhood
This is probably the oldest drawing from my youth that I've found to scan. It was drawn
immediately after viewing the first quarter of "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" and depicts a
background story for
Bubo, whose name I didn't know at the time. It actually reads from the
bottom right to the top lift, and goes as follows:

1) Bib Fortuna (Jabba's tentacle-necked pal) arrives at the front door to the palace with a
mysterious, wiggling bag. He is greeted by the robotic eye. Somehow I noticed at the time that
the door had a carving of a bat. It's odd what sticks out to you as a child.

2) Bib drags the bag through the halls of Jabba's Palace while two members of Yoda's race
look on. Yoda is one-of-a-kind in the original films, but I guess I just really wanted there to be a
bunch more living with Jabba.

3) (entire top half of drawing) Fortuna arrives in Jabba's courtroom to show everybody what he
found - it's Bubo! Having been caught from the wild, the frog-dog can now live in the palace
and be everybody's friend!

Notice that Yoda himself is also hanging around in the palace - in a tree - and a hilarious,
scrawny Darth Vader is the first to greet a gigantic, long-limbed Bubo. The three-eyed alien,
Ree-Yees, is looking on in the foreground, and the red guys with spears are supposed to be
the Emporor's royal guards.