The Baltimore Aquarium has Urinal Anglers
I grew up in the state of Maryland not too far from Baltimore city, home to a small but renowned
aquarium that I'd probably visited a dozen times. It will always be one of my favorite places to
visit, but the one little detail that delights me the most - more than the walk-through rainforest,
the electric eel or even the giant octopus - is an
inanimate addition to the men's restroom.
Above each of the urinals is a simple plaque embedded in the wall at roughly eye-level:
Technological limitations make it virtually unfeasible to put deep sea anglerfish on public
display, but with this stroke of decorating genius, every man who needs to take a leak by the
end of his Aquarium tour (and who wouldn't?) is forced to marvel at these otherworldly
creatures. How many must silently ask "are these for real?" as they shake away those last few

These have been present since my first visit to the Aquarium in 1986, and will hopefully remain
for years to come.

This does beg the question, though: what's in the
women's restroom? Do only men get the
fangly sea monsters? If anybody reading this can answer, I implore you to
do so immediately.