Krystof Bugman Wocjik
I've personally never played a roleplaying game in White Wolf Publishing's popular Vampire
universe, but their 2009 book "Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners" featured a character description I
strangely interesting. Even....familiar.
Wocjik, huh? I wonder if there's any relation to Wojcik, my own last name?
Say, this guy knows almost as much about amoeba as I do. Of course, if
you want to get technical,
fowleri doesn't so much "drill" as "worm."
Sounds like the kind of guy who would run some creepy website about
snails and lampreys.
Say, I grew up around Baltimore...I wonder if he buys fishing vests where I
bought mine?
Oh, I know what that's like.
Yeah, that too.
Whoa, it's like looking into a mirror! You know, now that I think about it,
one of my close personal friends had a temp job writing for White Wolf. In
fact, I think he worked quite a bit on this particular book. I wonder if he
the Bugman on anyone we know.

I'll have to ask him.