I already have a crappy old site article about extermination mascots, but those are images I found
around the web. Here are some adorable anti-insect mascots I've photographed on my own!
Love this purple Gonzo-faced insect. He would make a great looking toy!
This is the packaging to a barbeque lighter with a fly-swatter on the other end. That's...probably
not sanitary. The fly is really cool looking, though. It took me a while to even notice its incredibly
thin, spidery legs.
How cute is that? This is on a package of flypaper. This little guy is sitting right in it and he
doesn't even care!
Another "bug and tar" removal product. You gotta love these cool-looking giant insects who have
made it their entire life's mission to just ruin clean cars. Literally. Some of them are suicide
bombing the damn thing!
This guy shows up on the art for a regular flyswatter. I really wonder whether or not a cute
mascot like this might make people slightly less likely to buy the product. I'm sure it makes at
least some tiny subliminal difference, I mean, this cute little guy is pleading for his life!