Behold the cutest entomology activity book of all time, illustrated by an obviously brilliant
"Heather Saunders" I've never heard of, and rescued from a dumpster by a friend of mine. Who
throws something like this in the garbage!? A heartless ass, that's who. I'm not going to scan the
entire thing, but I will scan a couple choice pages. Click any of these for a bigger view!
Wait a minute...WEB SPINNERS? That's like, ten times as obscure as springtails! The
Embioptera haven't changed since at least the Jurassic period, and survive primarily in tropical
forests with 300 some species.

Could this book get any cuter?
Holy crap...springtails! The order Collembola in a children's coloring book, and anatomically
sound! These insects are ubiquitous around the world - you almost certainly have them
somewhere on your property - but most people will go through life never knowing them at all.
Yes, yes it most certainly can and did. LOOK AT THE LITTLE BED! EEE!