A Spider's Sense of Irony
 One morning, I'm awakened to the sound of frantic, continuous buzzing sound a few feet above
my head. This was back when I lived in a shoddy apartment in an old horse stable, so excuse the
cheap ood paneling. I immediately recognized it as the sound of a trapped housefly, as they
sometimes got themselves lodged between my air conditioner and the window frame. Instead, the
sound led me to this dollar-store "grow fly" I had tacked on the wall, which was amusing enough
given all the other things it could have gotten caught behind...
 Carefully bending back the tacky doo-dad to set free the arthropod, I find the situation even
more entertaining. You can scarcely see the fly in this picture, but the spider has it pinned against
the wall and pays me no mind as it pumps the victim's body with digestive enzymes. I'm glad my
camera happened to be immediately within reach of my free hand.

  Proud beasts that they are, the fly was no doubt lured by the promise of "fascinating fly facts" on
the back of the packaging, a scenario the clever arachnid had already anticipated.