I encountered the "Freaky GEEKS!" in spring 2010, hanging out amidst more conventional
stuffed animals at a Wal-Mart claw machine; the very same claw machine in which I'd
encountered the very similar
Spooky Specters in Halloween '09. Ugly, goofy and nonsensical, I
knew I had to have one. Look at that guy with the tie and the underbite! Look at the purple
cyclops holding...whatever the hell that is!
A one-eyed octopus! A cycloptopus! This guy was buried under teddy bears, but fortunately, the
one geek I managed to grab was even cooler than a Cycloptopus:
HELL YEAH! A monster fish with legs might seem like a conventional concept, but it's not
something I've encountered all that often in toy form. Usually you come across more of a
humanoid fish-man. A straight-up fish with feet stuck on it? That's something special, and you
gotta love this thing's ridiculouslyu wonky eyes and crooked smile! This is right on par with the
Spooky Specter devilpus, and easily one of the neatest stuffed toys I've ever landed.

And hey, it only took me about sixteen plays for four dollars!