Germ Stickers
Discovered in Wal-Mart for only a dollar, these little sheets of germ stickers boast some very
interesting designs that would look right at home with the
Worlds of Wonder Germs!
Aren't they just awesome? Don't they really, really look like they could have been rubber
toys? It's a shame that such imaginative art is relegated to only a sticker pack. These little
parasites deserve some appreciation, and if I don't give it to them, nobody will.
A lot of care and consideration went into these stickers; they're not just fantastical hairy
goblins like so many other "germs," but many are thoughtful caricatures of actual
single-celled lifeforms. I love the bug-eyed green protozoan especially, but the trunked
amoeba is also quite creative. The purple guy would best match up with certain bacteria.
The middle one here looks especially like some long-lost member of the "Germs" toys,
while the beady-eyed beast on the left is probably the fiercest of the bunch, and the
cross-eyed glob is just plain
Now, these three probably look the least like single-celled organisms and more like funky
aliens, as well as looking like they may have been designed by a different artist. They're
still pretty endearing, though. I like the blobfish-face of the top one and the scuzzy
monster face of the second one. The third might be my least favorite, but there's nothing
really wrong with it. I just don't find it particularly
germy. Its overbite is pretty endearing, at
Finally, we have a cute little cluster of flagellates and a fuzzy, thorny bagworm or
burrito-like creature. The flagellates (or spermatozoa?) really have microbiology written all
over them, while the burrito bears little resemblance to any actual microorganisms but
may be my favorite of the bunch; you know how I like creatures with little eyeballs peering
out of dark voids.

I would have LOVED these designs in some three-dimensional form, like rubber figures or
bean bags, but stickers are all we'll ever probably get, so let's enjoy the art for what it is. I
do wonder who the actual
artist might be, though.