This didn't actually come with any official name, but was packaged as an accessory to a generic
ninja action figure from the "Dollar Tree" way back in 2002. I don't know where the ninja went
and I don't have a picture of him, but who the hell cares?
This is a wolf with a gun strapped
to its back
. The wolf is nonposeable, but the gun can be rotated. The best part is the fact that
there's some sort of scope on the top...who looks through it? The ninja? Why doesn't he just
carry it himself then?! The even better part is, this only
one of the gun-toting pets from this
mysterious toy line.
Yes, that's a full-grown rhinoceros carrying some sort of rocket or grenade launcher.
A full-grown rhinoceros barely bigger than the wolf. Who will win the ultimate battle of natural
selection?! Can they never settle their differences?
...On second thought, we're probably better off if they kill each other.