This one-shot "Ultraman" creature is closer to my heart than any other, and this creepy letter
that I sent to "Toyfare" magazine in reference to
this explains why in more detail than anybody
wanted to know. The letter was printed in issue #69 when I was but a late teenager, and the
man making fun of my pen name (actually my Grandmother's surname) is none other than Tom
Root, who went on to write for the highly successful stop-motion comedy, "Robot Chicken". I
don't actually find "Robot Chicken" to be very funny, but I like to think I've left an extremely
circuitous, staggeringly unimportant mark on society through his subconscious.

Ironically enough, I have never seen Majaba in action on the television series and I am in no
hurry to do so. Do I really need to see a cherished childhood memory pounded into slurry by a
laser-throwing asshole in pajamas? If you've ever seen Ultraman beat the tar out of one
monster, you've seen him beat the tar out of the other four thousand.
That's right, Root...Majaba and I MADE YOU what you are today!!!