The Savagery of Superheroes
...What's this? The Dollar Tree has stocked your favorite Marvel
heroes in disembodied rubber head form? Delightful!
Wait...what's that inside? You're supposed to squeeze them?
Oh no...
Good heavens! Is that someone's EYE? that an entire fist?!
Wolverine...why!? How is this even possible?
...If you can find these, I don't need to explain any further that they're warped as hell
and worth every penny of your hard-earned dollar. The other heads are decidedly
less disturbing; Spider-man is filled with spider webbing (webhead, get it?) and Iron
Man is filled with multicolored spheres. There's also a venom full of rats and bugs,
but that makes too much sense to be funny. Only Hulk and Wolverine are inexplicably
filled with the mutilated remains of other human beings, for reasons we may never
understand. You could always put it in the context of
Marvel Zombies, but that's
obviously not what these children's toys were going for.