The "Push" Monster
Meet one of my all-time favorite Vending Machine toys; a poorly made
but wonderfully hideous little beastie I found in a single 50-cent machine
at a dollar store in 2002:
These things were all the machine offered, but two quarters were
literally the only cash I had on me, and when I returned only days later for
more...the machine was gone. I've never seen them since, but have
always kept my eye out, and even spent
hours scouring actual
vending-toy suppliers for any sign of these curiosities, with no luck.

What could be inside to arouse so much desire, you ask?
There's an entire hand busting out of this guy's brain, messily pushing
out his eyeballs in the process! Holy crap!

Several different heads were displayed in the machine's window,
including what looked like a bug-eyed gimp mask and a skull crawling
with worms. I've always regretted not having a camera on me at the
time, and the possibility of even more designs has nagged at my
curiosity ever since. This little guy is the only evidence I have that these
off-brand horrors ever even existed...unless somebody out there can
show me more.
E-mail me!
When the sides of the box are actually pushed, the lid pops open and
we're greeted by an absolutely disgusting zombie-head on a metal
spring. How disgusting?