Thingmaker Chill-a-Tron molds
This kick-ass creature art comes off the packaging to a series of collectable molds intended for use
with Nickelodeon's "Thingmaker Chill-A-Tron Lab", a rip-off of "Creepy Crawlers" that fashioned
bugs and monsters out of frozen gel rather than baked plastic. These particular molds were actually
nothing but transparent plastic bubbles glued to the above card backing - exactly like an action figure
package, but with nothing inside!

Unfortunately, Chill-a-tron creations were not intended to last and would eventually dry out into a sort
of withered, razor-edged resin that the instructions sternly warned not to play with. If the molds had
only been made out of metal, I would have gleefully filled them with "Creepy Crawlers" plasti-goop
and baked up some toys of these delightful monstrosities, who's names are
Icky Bod, Clot Popper,
and Mutoid.

The "Skeletick" mold is obviously my favorite, more for the tick than for the skele, though it does have
a nice fetal alien look to it. The back of Skeletick's package says "These two always argue over who
got the looks and who got the brains". Cute!