Donald Duck's Unholy Genetic Engineering Experiment
 In this rather peculiar Disney comic that I don't really remember buying, Scrooge Mcduck is
hell-bent on purchasing Donald Duck's house for reasons I'm too lazy to double-check, and
since the two can't agree on a price, the natural course of action involves Scrooge paying a
scientist to create what he refers to as a "Will O' The Wisp" with the intent of scaring Donald
away from his property.

  Unfortunately for Scrooge, the well-meaning scientist needs help for his experiment and
innocently enlists the aid of the first waterfowl to cross his path...
This is what happens when you keep secrets from your own subordinates, Scrooge!
 What becomes of Willie after this, we will never know. Perhaps he was broken back down
into his base elements, or perhaps he stalks the countryside to this very day - thirsting for the
blood of the unborn.