31 Shinbi's Apartment Ghosts!

Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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SEASON 02, EPISODE 02: a girl who loves to sing begins acting strangely, and anyone at school who hears her music falls into a weird trance, ultimately drawn to an old abandoned music venue to be the girl's audience. But when Hari and her friends crash the concert, they don't find the same girl at all...

Death Diva is a spirit that looks like a human girl, but her messy hair hides a face that consists entirely of a big, vertical, tooth-lined slit mouth, from which she can emit a high-pitched, painful screech and a second, eel-like set of jaws that can scream even louder!


A teenage girl dreamed of becoming a popular singer, recording her own songs that she would record at school...but feedback from others had been disappointing to her, and two girls even began to bully her for her singing.

One day, her bullies came in to ridicule her in the middle of her recording, chasing her out before she really finished her song. Meanwhile, her mother called her to nag at her, presumably about coming home late too many times or falling behind on other aspects of her life. Stressed, she decided to shut everything out by putting in earbuds and cranking up her own songs as she waited for the bus. The crosswalk said it was safe, but if she'd been looking and listening, she would have noticed that an oncoming truck still wasn't slowing down.

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One of Hari's friends in Season 2, an exorcist, intends to send the spirit to the afterlife by force, but Hari, as usual, would rather help the dead girl with her unfinished business and send her along with peace of mind. With Shinbi's magic, she's able to play the girl's original song for the entire town, including the girl's classmates and mother.

I figured you could use another clip for this to really appreciate it, and so you also get to see the POKEMON CAPTURE this time!


"Death Diva" is actually supposed to be a "siren" in the original Korean version, and it's a great interpretation of one. It falls under the category of ghosts with only one distinclty inhuman feature, and a distressingly weird mouth, especially as the sole facial feature, is always a good choice. She's not exceptionally weird, scary, or tragic for a Shinbi ghost, but she's memorable and may be both a staff and fandom favorite, since she's reappeared fairly often as a summon and even gets a "pop idol" variant in the Getcha Ghost app game. Here she is floating around in our living room again: