Shinbi's Apartment Ghost Reviews:
The Witch!

Written by Jonathan Wojcik

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SEASON 04, EPISODE 09: while playing outside one day, the kids lose their ball in a stranger's yard, which I'm sure you may already recognize as a common catalyst for witch encounters. They befriend an odd little girl who seemingly lives alone in the house with her fortune-telling grandmother, but of course, it's all part of an elaborate trap...

This is the most classic pop-culture witch you could ask for; a slimy green, hunch-backed, cackling old crone complete with a flying broom. She also controls flocks of ravens and hordes of black snakes, both of which are capable of "draining youth" for their mistress!

Though a backstory is given, it's not a sympathetic one - it seems to imply that there was once a real little girl with a real grandmother, but the soul of an ancient witch already possessed the young child, who subsequently drained what little lifeforce was left in her grandma as she set up operations in the old house.


Once the witch is defeated, it does turn out that the girl and the old woman are still alive, I guess un-absorbed by the witch's dark magic.


I always appreciate a nasty green witch, and there are some interesting ideas here; the witch seems to exist more as a ghostly force, or actually a "demon" according to the series official classifications. Like our last ghost, however, I feel as though they could have done more with this concept, especially if they were to give the witch some sort of more monstrous "true" form as they have so many other spirits.