Sunday, March 07, 2010

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Creatures on Gaia

I'm not a fan of the virtual avatar-based Gaia Online, but the avatar items can get pretty interesting at times. Here's a few gems:

Yes, this is a Penanggalan, the disturbing Malaysian vampire I've talked about both on Bogleech and Cracked. An absolutely adorable, beautifully illustrated Penanggalan, actually created for Gaia by o-8, an artist whose skills I'm incredibly envious of.

The same artist is responsible for this gorgeous "bogeyman," closet monster, and even a Popobawa. If you don't know what a Popobawa is, I suggest you google or wiki it.

Most of the items here will run you tens or even hundreds of thousands in virtual Gaia money, but this superb giant fly costume, eyeball mask and tentacle limbs run pretty cheap!

I'm very impressed by these beautiful marine animals, actually created by our friend Tengu - artist, writer and webmaster of! The Blobfish and the firefly squid are actually "hat" items! The last one is none other than a flamboyant cuttlefish.

I'm a pretty big fan of medieval plague doctors, and you can also collect some absolutely adorable rats and fleas to go with it.

You have to love these slimy mutants and tentacle critters, also by Tengu and all part of an item called "The Experiment!" The second one covers your avatar's face. I can't even pick a favorite of these.

Here we have various growth stages of the "Dionaesil" item, which are some of the coolest carnivorous plant sprites I've ever seen. The largest stage gives you the option of completely replacing your human avatar and *being* the plant! The dionaesil item was designed and started by o-8, but finished by Tengu.

Dionaesil also includes a variety of other fly-trap decorations. This is combining six of them at once.

The last dionaesil item I feel like pointing out, this fly-trap door is a direct reference to the online horror story, Dionea House. The item is even titled "The Door is Open," one of the tale's memorable lines.

Finally, Tengu created these cutely creepy Youkai monsters!

Whether you play Gaia or not, you can play around with the avatar simulator on to make all kinds of stuff. For example:

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Superfriends Junk Monster

Just caught an old episode of Hanna Barbera and DC's cheesy "Superfriends" on a streaming video channel, and it features this AWESOME monster made out of garbage:

It looks like a more Lovecraftian Ro-Man from Robot Monster, and the very best part?

IT "INFECTS" BATMAN. That's basically the focus of the episode. Junkmonster turns Batman into tentacle-faced garbage Batman and the other heroes rush to find a cure and destroy the monster. Too bad. He could have turned our world into a utopia of garbage and tentacles...

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Youtube person CountMek has adapted my horror fiction masterpiece, THE DAY OF ALL THE BLOOD, to the cinematic medium using state-of-the-art computerized visual effects technology!!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Pirates of Dark Water - carnivorous plants

The Pirates of Dark Water was a short-lived fantasy cartoon with a number of neat creatures every now and then. My favorites were probably these killer plants that strongly resembled frogfish: