Diary of an Animal Crossing Psycho





01/05 - I am so happy to be out on my own! My new house in Bugbile woods may be small, but it stands as a symbol of freedom - my adult life has begun at last! I'm so excited!


01/06 - So much to do, so much to see! I didn't even sleep last night, I just couldn't settle down!


01/07 - mmp ess ev,..


01/08 - I don't seem to remember what I did yesterday. I must have passed out. I don't feel any different, though. In fact, it feels like I still haven't gotten any sleep! Is this what it's like when you move out on your own? My head is starting to feel a little funny. No bother...it's time to get to work on these boxes!




01/09 - Wow, it seems unpacking is an adventure all its own! I don't even remember owning some of these things... How curious! I don't remember remodeling, either. Where did I get all this metal?


01/10 - It's probably exhaustion, but yuck! My head is really hurting now. I should swing by the coffee place and take a good nap.


01/11 - As exciting as my new house is, it's also kind of scary. Especially at night. Actually, it is kind of scary all of the time. I almost feel unwelcome, even though it belongs to me. I guess I just need to get used to the place.




01/12 - I love my new animal friends, they are so much fun to be around. I would feel a lot more sociable if my head would clear up, though.


01/13 -I continue to remodel in my sleep. Tomorrow I found a hole. Today it was gone.


01/15 - I'm pretty sure my house doesn't want me, but I'm not sure what that even means.



01/20 - I woke up today and my face was different. I can't take it off, but at least my face will no longer hurt anyone. I am sorry I have not written in a while.


01/21 - I went to the shop today, I bought a Retro TV for my neighbor, Marina! I like her. She has many arms.


01/22 - My head feels like it's going to crack.


01/23 - Still hurts.












02/01 - Again I must apologize for lost time, but at long last...I am rid of my pain!. All I needed was a razor. Now all I feel is a draft.






02/02 - Do you ever feel like you're dreaming, when you know that you're awake?


02/05 - The town smells different, somehow. It smells like copper. It smells like home.


02/05 - The smell makes me think of mother.


02/06 - I got sick today, I threw up and blacked out. I hate that smell now. I'm going to find who's responsible, and fix them so they can't hurt me anymore.


A little off the top, James!

02/25 -  Funny thing; I discovered a new floor today, between the two I already knew about. I seem to have already built a kind of workshop in there.


02/28 j --?


02/29 - I feel wonderful today. I feel like I am skating on sweet, sweet sunshine.


02/30 - I've been talking a lot more to my animal friends. They don't care that I am different. They are a true family. Mathilda has even got a pet name for me, "Dainty S" she calls me.



02/31 - Oh, Marina. How I long for the cold embrace of your suckered limbs...


03/03 - life is silly, for some people. One day they are warm. Wet. Breathing. The next day, they are a bridge. Don't ask me, I'm just the hands! Ha! Ha!


03/04 - Why am I collecting moths?


03/12 - I spent the past week fishing. I caught a lot of shoes. I didn't know I needed all these. I filled one of them with cake and put it in my locker...it's for Matthew, when he wakes up.



03/13 - My sister stopped by for the weekend, but as usual, she just wanted money, so I made myself another umbrella. The funny part is, I don't even have a sister.



3// - My lungs are itchy.


Good morning, Mr. Plunkett. How is the family? Goodness. I am sorry to hear that. Really? Me? Hahahahaha.


03/18 - Whenever I'm feeling sad, I have a little game I play. It hurts, but it's a different kind of hurt, and that's refreshing. If I told you what it was, you would do it all wrong.


03/19 - I've always liked the dark. You can't see what you're doing.



03/20 - It's true, after all, I can feel their fingers grasping at my ankles in the night.



 03/22 - Have you ever wondered if things still exist when you can't see them anymore? How do I know that other people are alive? How do I know they are not puppets? I'll tell you how: it's the taste.

 03/23 - every day, there is a new one. I do not know what they are made of, but it is cold and soft. Yes, I am certain now that it is soft. How do they do that? Perhaps they will teach me.


03/24 - Hello little man. I can see you.


Omon tulzen! Zathos omon! She’threk volsen thek no krylos! Aro nok’thek shul fomm vysta, omon kyarlok vul-thess tulzen!


Omon tulzen! Zathos omon! She’threk volsen thek no krylos! Aro nok’thek shul fomm vysta, omon kyarlok vul-thess KRYLOSS!!!


03/26 - I have found a stranger today, hiding in the corner of a most perplexing new chamber. I cannot see its face. When spoken to it only responds with a curiously metallic and toneless "Ug", and so I feel that this shall be its name. Ug, I feel as though I've always known you. You are always welcome in my home. Please do not touch my gouda.


03/27 - I don't know what "Ug" eats, or if it even eats at all, but my garbage has been disappearing rapidly. I will have to have a talk with it...I had important parts in there.


03/28 - Found another cockroach today, so I added it to the ball.


03/31 - Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home. Your house is on fire, and your children will burn.



04/01 - With the advent of a new month, I find myself with two more housemates. I believe it was the Ug who let them in, but they pretend not to see it. The male is called "Mort", and maintains the local graveyard. I hope he didn't mind my recent harvest. The female goes by "Vyra", and claims to work at some sort of nursing home, but I only see her leave at midnight.


04/03 - I am surprisingly comfortable sharing my house. The newcomers never leave a mess or make any noise...in fact, they are only ever awake when I am not, as if under a strange sort of spell.


04/04 - A table fell out of a tree today. Can you imagine?!


04/05 - Need refrigerators. Lots and lots of refrigerators.


04/06 - It feels really good when a plan comes together.


04/07 - I climbed up on the roof today and pretended to crush things from a distance. You know, between my fingers. I knew I was having a good day when it started to work.


04/08 - After months of only bugs and fruit, I found myself craving fresh meat. I couldn't find my mouth anymore, but there were other ways to get it inside. The tricky part was sewing back up again with only one arm.


04/09 - There's a box beneath my bed, and I can hear something scratching to get out...but every time I check, it's empty. Maybe that will change if I continue to water it.


04/10 - When did I get all these refrigerators!?



But I must confess, gentlemen, that I had an ulterior motive in calling you all here...


04/11 - Oh, my favorite show is on!



04/15 - A cat appeared and asked me to improve her face, so I shaved it. I got a little carried away but I believe she was pleased.


04/16 - When there's too much on my mind, I just stop feeding it. Eventually, it will dry up, and the seeds will scatter in the wind.


04/17 - I have a new neighbor. His name is Curly. I was going to make ham-wraps for him, but where in the world will I find ham? I have an idea, but it will be tricky!



04/17 - Kitties are funny. Kitties like fish. I like fish too. I like to rub them up and down my chest. Kitties are funny.


0000 - Kitties are fu

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