Flash cartoons by Jonathan Wojcik - The Fear Hole
Terror is unleashed when three scientists and their Janitor shatter
the boundaries of reality.

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My things that aren't The Fear Hole:
Original music by David Leicht
AIM/Yahoo: Scythemantis
Episode II - The Terror from Beyond Myspace
An ectoplasmic aberration targets our world in its sinister search for
a mate! Only your disinterest can save you from the shocking twists
and turns of this comedy trainwreck.

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Episode III - The Shadow out of Slime
An interdimensional horror with a swollen ego does hideous,
unspeakable things to Dan. Find out what!

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A Horror Story About Ants
A short, simple, dialog-free nightmare with a musical score by a
friend of mine!

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Episode IV - The Doom That Didn't Come to Sar'nath
An oblivious alien demigod and his devious underling may or may
not have nefarious plans for our corner of the multiverse.

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Episode V - Ex Oblivious
Dan tries to meddle in the affairs of mad science with potentially
entertaining results. No promises.

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Wrath of the Anicopters

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Episode VI - The Headless Physicist of Spooky Hollow, part I
A mysterious villain has his sights set on the destructive power of the
fear hole! Part one of two!

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Episode VI - The Headless Physicist of Spooky Hollow, part II
The "thrilling" conclusion to part one!

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Anicopters: Armageddon

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Episode I - At the Molehills of Madness
Episode VII - All Hallow's Adam
With monstrous shenanigans taking a seasonal turn for the worse,
the professor comes up with an ingenious new security measure...

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Three scientists and their Janitor open a portal to a universe of pure horror - scroll down for the
very first episode, or start off with the better-looking, better-written latest.
Mekazon: Mekamorphic Monsters
When evil strikes mekazon city, it's time to MEKAMORPH!

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A short story of surreal and unexplainable horror!

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The first short cartoon featuring Mortasheen monsters!

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Episode VIII - Manifestation of the concept of The Devil and Dan
The Fear Dimension responds to an influx of human emotion by
creating a (very) crude organic imitation of Beelzebub.

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