>Check out the spine again.

You leave the spleen alone for now and decide to revisit the spinal column. He said he had stuff for sale. Maybe he can give you something of some use that won't give you eye tumors or anything.

The spine sounds as though it has continued talking the entire time you were gone.

....uy now, you'll receive one HAMMERSPACE brand disappearing/reappearing collector's tote with compartments for approximately TEN that's TEN distinct concepts of any weight and volume DO NOT ATTEMPT MULTIPLE CONCEPTS PER COMPARTMENT HAMMERSPACE INC. AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR SPATIAL PROLAPSE, VECTOR LEAKAGE OR CONE INTRUSION WITHIN KNOWN PERCEPTION LAYERS

Alright already. What are you selling?

What are YOU buying!?

The spine's briefcase unlocks and opens, all on its own...

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