1000th Page Fan Art Gallery

As many of you may know, final work on the Mortasheen tabletop role-playing game has been demanding most of my energy in 2021, and that's after entirely different things made 2020 slow and arduous. The comic has been back to much slower updates than I like; in fact, I only just noticed for the first time that the 900th page was in fall of 2019...that's only about 100 more pages in a year and a half, an amount of time I thought would bring us much closer to the finale. I even intended Page 1000 to be something bigger than the usual fan art gallery, but, that just wasn't quite doable either.

I will say that Fern's five quest routes are not intended to play out the obvious way; the one you chose and completed first has altered how the rest will be finished, as well as by whom.

It is after we rescue the various weird children and resurrect at least a couple of missing doctors that a major climax is intended to happen, one which has been thoroughly planned in a particular way for years now, so, we are certainly on the cusp of major story breakthroughs!

For now, we do have a little fan art I've collected - I haven't been tracking it as thoroughly as I used to, I'm afraid - but there's also a couple of pretty special fan works to share, including our very first ever fan song with lyrics!!


The fan art this round has been collected for so long, many of the artists have changed their names or even left their original platforms! Some links and images may also be scrambled by the update method, but I'll try and fix some stuff before the next regular update!

Dr. Phage Being Real For a Moment:

DONT FEAR: fan song by Graph!!

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