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Your answers are as follows:

Q: "Should we be concerned about the children's drowsiness?" (1 CB)

A: The Hospital prioritizes comfort according to need. In stressful situations, sedative mechanisms are diverted to particularly sensitive individuals. If they are however unresponsive to their guardian entities to an undesirable degree, something may have overridden the system's regulatory protocols. In this instance, the low processing cost of this question likely indicates that the situation is not of critical concern, but is an after-effect of interference that has already come to pass.

!!!T0D/?A??Y'S BONUS FACT!!!

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 require from 10 to 11 h?eHrs of sleep each night, teenagers aged 13-18 should sleep 8 to 10 h|||||rs, and adults only an average of 7!

Um...this feature is fairly hard coded, if you're wondering.

Q: "How could we most effectively thwart the corruption process (as opposed to restoring functionality)?" (15 CB)

A: You may be pleased to know that you are on the correct track as far as I am capable of determining. Restoring staff and systems will in fact be most effective at increasing the h h h h h;;;hh;;h;h;h;h;h;h;hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhlllllll lllhhhhttt ttt;;;.....

...Erp...pardon...don't know what that was about.

...Restoring staff and systems will in fact be most effective at increasing the HEALTH of this facility and its patients, as will the neutralization of any entities hypothetically sabotaging normal functionality.


Vitamins are not necessarily more beneficial in greater volume. Many vitamins have detrimental effects in excess that can include discomfort, digestive difficulty, hair loss, fatigue and even nerve damage!

Q: "How do we debug or reboot the Hospital's priority algorithms? There's a strong threat to the Hospital that appears to have somehow tampered with its systems so it's not recognized as important, or rather, recognized as Absolute Zero Priority." (25 CB)"

A: I believe this would indicate an aspect of the threat that breaks conventional categorization, perhaps even by my own systems. The precise nature of a hazard would typically be analyzed by a scientific research staff, but I am detecting that the laboratory is devoid of dedicated staff and in an advanced state of degeneration. Furthermore, while I can find no record of a dedicated security administration, I have extrapolated that we should most certainly possess one, both because it is typical of medical facilities throughout established reality and because our remaining staff appear to be resorting to erratic, unguided threat neutralization behaviors, for which I am obligated to apologize on our behalf. We are working tirelessly to address your concerns, and we hope you will have a HEALTHTACULAR stay!

...Sorry, another force of programming.

While it may not restore normalcy under present circumstances, the restoration of research staff would benefit the Hospital's ability to categorize the nature of this ongoing catastrophe, and security staff would hypothetically use this data to protect patients while medical staff focus on their appropriate work...e.g, a nurse would not need to terminate a patient's biovessel merely for wandering the halls. We ARE working tirelessly to addreFFPTPTPTP...UGH!...Sorry again. I am still a machine.


!!!It's not what you thought and I don't know what that means either!!! THANK YOU FOR USING "QUERY!"

Q: "What's the most important part of the hospital to repair next, or most important facility member to resurrect if that's more important? Please only tell us objectives we have a good chance of successfully completing right now." (40 CB)

A: While aforementioned facilities would be of significant help, it may be most imperative to mitigate any further corruption of the Maternity Ward, as you likely suspected. I see that our dear Doctor Gynnie has been taking extensive breaks, but even the current state of her ward and her personal workload does not account for such fatigue.

An outside force is most likely weakening her, but it would appear to be a slow process; too slow to have yet compromised her conceptual core, which would indicate a more material force interfering with the functionality of her biovessel.


...;;; smaller group is the snow sco;;'''family Borei/ae, adults of which are sometimes seen wall;l;kngon snow;;;


...I do apologize, you did an adequate job assembling an interface for me, but there was only so much you had to work with. I am confident that I have given accurate answers, regardless of any algorithmic hiccups in my behavior.



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