>Deduce Deceased Doctors

It's a grueling process. You debate countless hypotheticals amongst yourselves, with a tidal wave of buzzer input all over the map. Eventually you sort the objects into four groups, and as you do so, vague figures fade in and out of your mind...

The moldy bread vibrates stronger than anything in your possession. The bag of sugar, dip net and magnet feel right together with it. You get impressions of...caustic substances. Magnification. Charts and graphs.

The thread, barbed wire and candy feel right together. The scissors remind you of surgery, but Tori doesn't need reconstitution. It is a close enough guess, however, to guide you in the right direction to another type of surgery. You get impressions of chattering and drilling. Maybe glinting mirrors.

The eye-covered clam, saline solution, safety goggles and eyedropper feel right together. You get impressions of brightly shining lenses and intense white lights. Maybe lettering.

The iron and the laser pointer feel right together. The plastic flower feels right nowhere in particular, except that it would decorate a waiting room, so you use it to pad out your smallest pile. You get an impression of sparks and clanking. Oily smells.

We got a long ways to go, but...I'm beginnin' to remember some folks...I think...we just need a couple core components fer each one, and I can get 'em back online. You've got one already fer what I think was our dear labomatician, somethin' like that.

Look fer stuff that could really only fit with one of these motifs, and you'll be in business. Could be anything, anywhere...fer instance, any impressions ya might be gettin when ya consider these folks? Keep yer eyes out for anything fittin' those descriptions, or think back to anything you've seen around the hospital, and see about nabbing it while you continue helpin' out the Maternity patients.

Any questions?


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