300th Page Fan Art Gallery

I can hardly believe we're up to 300 pages and almost nine months along. It feels like I only started this series a few weeks ago, back when I wasn't sure how much anybody would even enjoy it, and kept my BIG ideas on the back burner until I was really sure it would be worthwhile. My original estimate that it might take us "around a year" to end the series? Yeah, never mind. Finding our baby and getting Green back to "Earth" wouldn't even be enough closure for what's developing behind the scenes. I've never read that Housetrapped thing, but I do recall it started six years ago with the intention of being much smaller...and now I know exactly how that happens. Crap! I'm really sorry you might keep getting this series in some incarnation for the unforseeable future! Can you forgive my egregious miscalculations!?

I suppose you're wondering how long we're going to be mucking around in our own worm-eaten remains. Truth be told, I didn't really think we would spend almost the last hundred pages in this sub-world alone, but I should have at least guessed, because it did begin as a concept for an entire, unrelated series in itself. To be more specific, I started thinking it would be cool to illustrate a series of children's books inside a rotting corpse to lighten up the concept of death and explain its ecological benefits to a young audience. Somewhere along the road, it became a concept for a video game where you solve your own murder from inside your body, then I thought maybe it would make a nice follow-up to Awful Hospital, and then I got so attached to characters I designed for it that finally I folded it into Green Mom's adventure, which is just as well, because all that business with the morgue and bodies was planned from the start.

I can promise that we'll be finished with our carrion quest well before we get to a 400th page, but that won't necessarily be the last we hear from Celia, Staph, or anyone else we're going to meet in cadaver land, and what we're going to find there is a lot more important to our main story than you might suspect. There's more than one item of importance lodged in our putrid husk.

Later still, we may be finding ourselves in still bigger, still weirder adventures than this...and maybe not always in command of Green Mom. We may even need to revisit it, eventually...and still weirder realities both within and without one another.

As for this latest fan-art gallery, the amount of art posted to the series tumblr tag since the last round has increased by TWO AND A HALF TIMES, and if it keeps growing at that rate, I might not even be able to keep up with it anymore. A double-edged sword to a growing audience, I guess.

ORIGINAL FAN CHARACTERS: Still being saved to their own special folder on my harddrive. One of these days I might assemble them into their own gallery?

NSFW ART: I'd get in trouble if I posted some of it here, but it's good to know I'm special enough to generate it at all.

MESSED UP LINKS: I assembled this page one copy/pasted filename at a time. There will be some errors, and some blogs may be dead ends if their usernames have changed. If I messed up yours, or you want it removed or changed, just let me know in a comment below!

IF YOUR ART WASN'T INCLUDED AT ALL: PURE ACCIDENT. I try to include everything I've ever found, but there's just so much being uploaded, almost every day!