>Modify and Approve Applications

You take a moment to process what you're getting into.

Crash, the computer, wants out of his position, and someone apparently has to take over for him or the whole place could implode, or something.

If these letters are to be believed, that miserably coffee guy is desperate for a change of pace, and he'll take whatever new form he can get.

You stamp Crash's application, and you decide not to tamper with it. He keeps telling you how puny and pathetic your mind is in comparison to his own...who are you to question what he wants for himself?

You fill out a new application for Chip, copying the jargon as carefully as you can and hoping he might like existence as a vast computer system. If he doesn't, and you all survive this mess, you're sure this can all be reversed...right?

Unfortunately, someone now needs to fill in for Chip...and it doesn't sit quite right with you, but you really can't think of a better way right now to protect yourself, your child and the rest of the Hospital from the rampages of Jay. Your unwillingness to kill him feels hypocritical in light of the sentient monsters you've put down and the danger he presents to others...but you're really not prepared to play judge, jury and executioner for one of your own species just yet. You've been through enough ghastliness as it is.

The sooner you do what the computer guy wants, the sooner you can find your son.


Hey, Willis, do you know if all this...looks right?


Uh, I guess so. They should know what it means. Just take 'em to the surgery room downstairs. Mom's card should work just fine on the snippers.


Here goes nothing, then...you take care, Willis.



Papers in hand, you turn to leave the vast, mostly empty office.

You are nearly to the door when you notice the tiny, wet, pattering sound behind you.

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