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FIDDLY-FIIIIIINE CHOICE! I SUPPOSE ANYWAY! I ain't judgin'! Just don't forget to patronate yer own local library, ya hear?! I threw ya a freebie, aaaafter all!

The horrible bookworm flails like a windsock in a hurricane for a moment, then retreats into the book, which shuts loudly of its own accord and appears to collapse in on itself, leaving...nothing.
All at once, your mind floods with a meeting between the little doctor Phage and that grotesque, needle-headed Doctor Mizer. You're not exactly sure how this constitutes "reading" a "book" from "the library" but you no longer really question these things.

Doctor Mizer never makes a sound, but you can somehow infer the vague gist of what he's trying to communicate...and it kind of feels like he has more of an act together than his boss. "M-G-729390-00." Is that you? Will that be useful? Maybe you can ask Chip when you see him.

Before it fades, you note a series of unpleasant familiar impressions from Phage's "office."



A familiar little voice snaps you out of the vision, or whatever it was.


Fern! FERN!!! Come lookit what I got!!!

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