Captain's Log, Layer 9976-543-20XX, Third Quad-Spiral.

After a few further exchanges with the Humbagger, we determined that our vessel's protected status had been ambiguated by a minor clerical error in their file systems. Assured that they would monitor for any possible future errors, we were cleared to exit what our scanners have at last decoded as Subzone MCBKFC90//XI/X00, codename
Infinity Chopping Block and apparent extension of the Humbuggle being itself.

The I-slebb and its buzzers provided us some valuable intel, but many questions remain as to the nature of the Great Red Blight. That the very thing we now thrive upon may pose an XK-class existothreat to the perception range as we know it is not an irony lost on us; we have always subsisted on the death and decay of other entities. It is our nature and our purpose.

We cannot, however, permit that delicate relationship to destabilize further. The blight has facilitated our bioperpetuation like never before, but we will have to put these operations on hold while we investigate the true nature of "The Parliament" and put our theories to the test. Perhaps we can even find a means to
reduce the blight's natural background spread.

...And while we're at it, maybe we can see about getting those jaunty tunes out of our heads.

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