>Trade the Vacuum for the Chips

Normally a vague chatter, the buzzers appear to have the most confidence in one particular "sales pitch."


Well scale my skin and call me catfood! You ARE a businesswoman! Guess you can't judge a book by its ugly, ugly cover, like they say!

SLOBFERN (Translated from Slobese)

It's not what I normally look like, dude.


Oh, of course not! Smell almost as good as I do, though. But please, call me FIL! And I do believe this is yours!


The fish had a lot of nonsense to say about them, but they appear to be ordinary, everyday copyright-friendly pringle-adjacent potato snacks. It is your understanding that they might function as computer chips, because, as has grown increasingly clear about the nature of the universe, everything is actually always very stupid.


Y'all want another trade, just give me a shout through any receptacle of refuse. That's refuse, mind you, not some namby-pamby recycling!

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