> Something something clown painting

It's as if more than a hundred different voices are chattering away in your brain as you gaze around the room, but one intrusive thought pattern drowns out all reason: that painting. That terrible painting of a clown. It is as if some artist only hastily scribbled it as some sort of placeholder or in-joke and was ultimately too tired to do anything more interesting in its place. It is awful and you need it. Why do you need it? You want to hold it. Why can't you get it out of your head? Talk to the clown painting - what?!- lick clown painting - why would - clown painting - there are more important thi- clown painting clown painting - YOUR HEAD IT'S IN YOUR HEAD IT'S GOING TO EAT THE BACK OF YOUR EYEBAcome on turn that clown upside downIT'S SCREAMING