Neither the professor nor the thing that writes this could have predicted how much information the readership had retained. The memories, analyses, speculation and raw data was almost overwhelming, a hurricane of thought beyond anything the bookworm could have hoped for. His diminished yet still tremendous mental faculties processed it all within the infinitely tiny space between layers before I could even finish my snack break, and forces regrettably beyond my control decided you should be rewarded for your efforts by stabilizing the professor a little longer than previously intended. Rats.


...Oh, jeez, gracious gumdrops that is FASCINATING. I mean... terrible, most certainly, just awful, but academically speaking...

...Said the professor, with his still irritatingly nasally voice and pretentious vocabulary.


Quiet, you. Don't you have 300 some c0MM/nt;;s to digest?

Went right through me, sorry. What are you even going to do, old man? Educate me to death?

We both know how that works out.


Sigh. Come on now, if the Library goes so do you.

Yes, but I'll go out eating like a queen off the rot.


If you'll just simmer down a little, you can have the violet-phase warblespeak. Reckon nothing's gonna need it again after the last floamenating.

...You mean it?


Channel's already unlocked, have at it.

Thank for the appetizer, pops <3


...Alright, sorry about that folks. This place has been crawling with bad narration since this all started. Vultures.

...But AS I was saying... what you fine folks've told me is as intriguing as it is miiighty concerning. My last coherent memories are still lost on me, sorry to say, but I'm as pleased as I am troubled to admit all this business about Old Flesh, the nature of the Hospital's deterioration and some of these unsavory characters you've run afoul lends credence to my less...popular...theories on the truths of our existence. Gee-WIZ have I sure never been so rattled to be so validated!

As for the questions you have posited to me regarding various entities and zonal processes...I'm afraid I don't dare risk misleading you with as-yet unproven hypotheses. I still must ask some particulars before we continue. This will be subjective data, and all possible answers will be of value:

1) What have you regarded as the most frightening entity you have experienced since layer 001?

2) The most unpleasant entity that does not fit the previous question?

G) An entity you have found to be most charismatic other than myself?

5) The most frightening event?

0) The most humorous event or entity?

MAUVE) Something that stands out as especially strange or perplexing?

%) What is someone or something from these events that you would most wish to learn more about, but not necessarily of any grave importance?

9) If you have witnessed events or entities of the perception range outside those associated with Fern, is there a detail of such that you believe could be interesting or useful to me in this situation?

10) How would you overall evaluate Fern's character and personality?

11) Have your experiences with these events affected anything in the life of your greyzoner host? - whoops - I mean...yourself?

5) Has any detail of your encounters with the perception range expanded your knowledge of "your" own world? That is to say, have you learned an interesting new fact, large or small, about "your reality," little buzzer?

12) Something from "your" "life" that reminded you of the Hospital or associated elements in an interesting or amusing fashion?

13) How often do you rrREEAD BOOKSssorry, sorry, there a work of the written word or other media you would like to recommend to others in your present communication channel, based on their interest in my own reality?


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