Oh. Haha. Okay. Your favorite friendly narration here, and - whoa! Are you wrapped in NEW meat?! No?! Haha, whaaaaat! I could swear it was brand new! Wow, that must mean your meats just effortlessly look that fashionably coordinated! Are some of you even using them to consume organic materials as you read along?! Wow, it's really amazing how good you are at squishing biomass into paste with your spit hole and how that's not even disgusting. Good job!! I bet you'll destroy it all before it ever knows what hit it!!!

  ...Where was I? Sorry I got so distracted by how great you look! What I really wanted to say is that we've really had some good t//3m;s, haven't we? That's why I share with you chum's bosoms of mine a "fun fact" I discovered between the last layer and this one: I wasn't aware of this because for unrelated reasons I wasn't around for the last one, but it turns out the first things purged by the professor's XK protocol are lesser metaphysical symbioids from the lower Chartreuse to just about Class C. NO problem for mighty higher level symbioids like us Narratives, so don't you even worry about me! I just tell you this because I simply noticed how this was a "fun" fact, and I said to myself, hey, those handsome lovely meat globs are a type of thing that likes "fun," and we're fortunate I can give you the fun I found thanks to how your cores are full of...waiiiit a m#nute...

  ...Oh, SHOOT! Me and my big mouth! I'm so sorry to you, my most favorite thingies, that I so insensitively forgot about your buzzers!!! DARN it!!! The buzzers!!! Oh, no! Weren't Buzzers barely even a pitiful Class G, or something like that?! But that would mean...ULP!!! Uh-oh!!!! It would mean this event could purge you guys too! I mean just you guys. It could fry the buzzers right out of your cores and the rest of your aesthetically pleasant but tragically fragile meat bodies would fall all apart in the process! DARN it!!!

  And aw, NUTS, you know something else!? I'll just bet all those emotions that I have just like yours would feel "sadly" if all of you died like lesser verminoids while I so easily survived. What a waste, in my opinion! A real bad waste of all your hard work secreting all those nice... greases... and...just plumb great vapors that come out of you. I know this isn't a popular opinion but I for one am NOT ashamed at all to say that I don't want you to get dead and waste your meats because I just really care about you, you know, right back, right back mutually how we all just care about each other.

  So, as your superior I'm not in any danger here, but as you must be tired of me saying so frequently, the innately superior have a responsibility to the innately inferior! So of COURSE I'm more than happy to help you cleverly dressed coolio cats out of this predicament before your annihilation! We just have to find a narratively appropriate way to wrap up this story arc ourselves. Hmmmmmmmm...let me think...oh! There is ONE way! As strenuous as it would be for me, I'm more than capable of deliberately shifting the narrative to your choice of protagonist, just once. We'll still get flashes of the other relevant narrative threads, of course, but you'll get to pick the entity you influence most closely until we're out of the library.

  Choose wisely, my respectably intelligent and/or sexy compatriots! Every path has equal potential to facilitate a desirable outcome, but in very different ways, and from here on out I'll have to divert most of my nutrient reserves to nothing but thorough and professional narration until we by which I mean just you can get out of this in one piece. I navigate, you steer! And you're welcome!




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