's 2014 Horror Write-off:

" Sleep Study "

Submitted by L.A. Johannsen

Something made a soft thud, and I bolted immediately from sleep. The feeling of being watched lingered like an ache. I didnt acknowledge it.

Something made the wall creak, but I kept my eyes closed. Something shuffled across the floor, with the sound of flesh sliding against flesh, and I couldnt move a muscle. I dug my face in to my pillow as something settled into the chair next to my bed. Beyond that, any sounds were too soft to hear over the thundering of my heartbeat. All I could feel was the palpable stare of something. Something was watching me in my dreams.

I ended up waking up almost an hour late the next morning. On the chair, there was a note, with this message neatly printed:

T h a n k y o u.

Y o u h a v e t a k e n p a r t i n a s l e e p s t u d y.