"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" A Price for Progress "

Submitted by Fluffy the Doombringer (

Test Subject: one (1) Caucasian male, age of approximately  25 years, suffering from liver cancer

begin testing

07:00 Serum is applied

07:30 Subject reports no change

08:00 Subject complains of minor irritation around injection site

09:00 Subject begins complaining about abdominal pain

09:10 Subject begins showing signs of paranoia

09:30 Adult Pepsini Genera emerge from subject's nose

10:00 Subject begins bleeding from several orfices

10:30 subject's lungs collapse

10:32 Subject expires

Autopsy shows subject's liver has no malignant cells remaining

end testing

Administrator's note: The most successful test yet. It's a shame the subject expired, but there is always a price for progress.

begin test 98