's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" A light in my eye "

Submitted by Eccentric Entomophile

I see, I spy

A light in my eye

Aflight in my eye like a firefly

What are you doing, O firefly?

Do you not see I have come to die?

Weakened by years, I no longer am spry

So here in the field, my body does lie

I am no typical firefly

Whose light is merely delight to the eye

I come to deliver you to the sky

Where all creatures go after their last goodbye

But first, in order to reach the sky

We must away, to the sanctum nearby

Where Dark thickets thrive, from which life does fly

Deep in the woods, there your body will lie

I solemnly follow the odd firefly

Anxious to ease my weary old eye

But where I must rest, I only fear why

'Tis deep in the woods, where Darkness does lie 

The forest engulfs me as I tread on by

Twilight near blinding my only good eye

From shadows, from rustles, and all else I shy

Save for the light of the odd firefly

Where do you take me, O firefly?

How far astray is this sanctum nearby?

I've trudged through mud, and bramble, and sty

Broken and beaten, I wish only to die

Hush now, it says, soon you will see why

I lead you through mud, and bramble, and sty

But haste will not serve you, I cannot deny 

As much as we've passed, we've yet to pass by

I feel a blight that does amplify

the withering of sight in my precious eye

As I struggle on it seems to crucify

But surely I soon will be sent to the sky

At once it is gone, I no longer spy

The promising light of the odd firefly

I'm shrouded in Darkness that does petrify

Something has gone completely awry

I stumble, I fumble, I wish I could cry

To wash away all of the grime in my eye

I collapse in a pyre, at last I see why

Now I see that which its name does imply

It dances, it cackles, the mad firefly:

Now would be time for your last goodbye

But not any more, you never shall die

You never shall rest, you only will fry!


I see, I spy

A light in my eye

Alight in my eye like a fiery lie