"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Concrete Beach "

Submitted by Joseph Hartman (

The air was still and smelt of pain,

And home beyond his reach.

Outside the glass the world was plain,

The town of Concrete Beach.

The doctor said his lungs were gone

Depriving him of speech.

He lay and wait for final dawn

Beyond the Concrete Beach.

Remembering those years ago

His grandma's final screech.

Her eyes were dead but wouldn't go

Away from Concrete Beach.

His sadness rose with each new day.

He felt like such a leech.

He longed to die, he hated grey

Begone now, Concrete Beach.

But in his dreams he saw a world

A place beyond the breach.

With fingers drawn and faces curled,

Another Concrete Beach.

Apart from naught, apart from death,

And that place would beseech

For his next life, for his last breath.

Depart from Concrete Beach.

The room was cold for next day's light

The halls were white like bleach.

One life was lost, one life was gained

In either Concrete Beach.