"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Frog Caught in my Throat "

Submitted by James B. Davis

I remember the little pond behind my house when I was a kid. Little fish swam around in the waters beneath the small lily pads. Small turtles would crawl out in the spring time and eat the bugs that crawled around the mud.

But what I remember most, were the frogs. I would just wait for spring time to see the tadpoles swim around and slowly grow legs. Then jump out and launch their tongues to eat bugs.

But I think the reason the pond stands out to me so much, is the night I fell in. Leeches grabbed hold of me, a duck started to peck at me, and a frog got in my mouth.

I got out soaking wet. A weird bubbly slime dripped down my throat. Blood dripped from my legs because of the leeches. And my head hurt from the duck pecking at me.

It was at that moment when my stomach started to swell, my mouth stretched outward, and the pores on my legs began to widen. Quickly, my lips hardened into a duck’s bill, the pores on my legs became large leech mouths, and frogs and tadpoles poured from my mouth. To my surprise, my hair turned to thin and stringy weeds and reeds. Large duck feathers sprouted from arms as I flew away over my house as frogs continued to fall from my mouth.

Blood started to drip from my legs and painted my neighborhood. I gave out a loud cry and people’s ears began to bleed. Using my new abilities, I laid that neighborhood to waste, and now rule it’s domain. The streets have flooded and water plants have overgrown everything. The building have begun to rot…. and I rule over it all.