's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Globster "

Submitted by Ron MacGillivray

I found the globster while walking along the beach on a bright Sunday. The thing was just sitting on the beach, resembling a pile of whale corpses grinded to a thick mush then left to bake in the sun for a few days. I was immediately repulsed by smell of it, then immediately repulsed by everything else about it. I don't know what made me do it, but I decide to “test it” by hitting it with a stick. Then I hit it again. And again. Pretty soon I was smacking it on any surface of it I could find. I started to imagine it was everyone in my life I hated, from my cheating ex-girlfriend to my deadbeat dad. I was letting off steam like crazy, and I actually felt refreshed by the end of it. But I kept going. By now I was hitting it out of pure spite. I didn't really consider to think that this may be some kind of scientific kind or anything, as I was pretty dumb as a teenager. After I grew tired of hitting it, I started kicking it which eventually lead to just screaming insults at it. I know this sounds absolutely pathetic but I had a short fuse and apparently this was, to me, a good way of letting all the anger out. I was yelling stuff like “Fuck you, you glob of ugly fucking shit!” or “you are the most disgusting fucking thing Ive ever seen” and anything else my teenage brain could come up with. I can't really explain it but it ignited something within me. After it felt like my lungs had given out from all the insults so I took a break. I decided to get one of my friends to come check it out, even if it was a tad mangled. As it turned out he had gone into town to watch a movie so, with my hands in my pockets I decided to return to the globster. I unfortunately didn't because the globster was gone. There were no tracks in the sand other than mine but there was a large, straight trail leading from where the globster was to the water. The globster had somehow crawled away. With this realization I almost didn't notice what was where the globster used to be. Made up of grey flesh and rotten fat were four words that sent chills down my spine and haunt me even now. They said: