"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" On Purpose "

Submitted by Joseph Hartman

I started from nothing.

A blank piece of paper.

I had an idea. A plan.

An overture. A sketch.

I am an artist without inspiration.

A center. A focus. A sphere.

I am crafting my masterpiece.

Oceans of water and flame.

I use negative space masterfully.

Suffering was born.

I am a conductor awaiting my band.

The stars of the show.

I add detail. Twists in the plot.

Loneliness. Curiosity.

I know how it goes.

Crests and valleys. Gold and filth.

I had an idea. A plan.

Conflict. Growth.

I am an artist without an audience.

But there is no path.

I make art for art's sake.

Left behind. A pointless finale.

I am an artist. And art imitates life.

The work is finished. Added to the gallery.

And what is life without suffering?

A finger on a switch. A spark.

Let there be light.