"s 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Pets "

Submitted by Tan Yi Tong

Dear Diary,

Me and William wanted to go for a walk outside today. Giggles didn't let us. He said that outside there were bad people with guns and bombs. He poked me. I went to check on the other pets because I am a responsible pet owner and I love my pets. 

William was crying because he couldn't go outside. To cheer him up, I let him play with Sack-Of-Happy. Sack-Of-Happy promised he wouldn't play any mean tricks like last time. 

I couldn't find Mama Bird today, but I heard her hooves clopping around in her silver kettle. I don't know where the rest of her is. Maybe she's still angry at me. I'm sorry Mama Bird. Please don't be angry. 

I made a present for Mama Bird. It was a nice drawing of a cat because she likes cats. I hope she forgives me. I really really really hope she forgives me. 

Toadstool Jellyfish was in his rocking chair, reading a newspaper. I don't know where he keeps getting these newspapers. Our house doesn't get mail.  

Sinkhead still isn't moving. Sinkhead scares me. Sinkhead still isn't moving. Sinkhead scares me.

Queen of America was crying next to Triplet Tongues' grave and that made me sad. It has been 297 days 8 hours 11 minutes and 43 seconds since they got killed by the bad blue people. Thankfully, Giggles eliminated them before they hurt the other pets. 

That is why Giggles doesn't let us out to go for walks anymore. So that bad people can't hurt us. I miss Triplet Tongues. Even though they never let me sit next to them on the sofa. 

For a while, I played with Esmeralda in her room. She was very excited and happy because she grew a new tooth today. It was a big white molar on her right elbow. I like Esmeralda. She is my favorite pet. She's very pretty and nice and fun to play with. 

While we were playing I accidentally broke one of Esmeralda's dolls. She was OK with it but I feel bad. Maybe I can bring it to Toadstool Jellyfish. He's good at fixing things. Yesterday he helped to fix William's important necklace. Giggles always told us not to lose our important necklaces or else the pets won't be able to find us if we get lost.

Sorry Diary, but I have to stop writing here. I have to go get William. It's almost feeding time and I'm very hungry. 

Rover, signing off.