's 2015 Horror Write-off:

" Rusty Rooms and Clown Suits "

Submitted by James B. Davis

I woke up in a rusty metal room. I lay in a crusty mattress supported by rusty springs. The room around me had a thick layer of rust on each wall and the floor. Blood stained everything. There was nothing in the room except one thing, the only thing not covered in blood and/or rust.

A bright and colorful clown suit hung on the wall. It was yellow in color.  There was red, green, and blue polka-dots covering it. I don’t know why, but the clown suit made me terrified. It just didn’t belong in this drab room, and its colors seemed other worldly in contrast.

I couldn’t stand being in that room any longer. I got up from the brown and red stained bed, and made my way to the door. Outside the door was an awful hallway. The hall was the same as the room, covered in blood and rust, only with large meat hooks hanging from the ceiling. The hooks had old rotten scraps on them and reeked of death.

Down the hall I heard laughing. It felt like my chest was about to explode. As I made my way farther down the hall, I came to a door. It was cold and rusty, rustier than the rest of the infernal building. I slowly pushed open the door, and the laughter stopped. My eyes nearly bled at the horrible sight. In the room, stood a congregation of malignant clowns. At the sight of me, they began to laugh maniacally.

The door behind me slammed on a will of it’s own. I began clawing at the rusted door as the horrid clowns started slowly creeping toward me. I wanted to close my eyes as the insidious abominations stood only inches away from me, their grotesque odor made me dry heave. Slowly the mad jester that stood in front of me, lifted his horrible hand, in it; a mirror. Within the mirror, the face of a clown, freshly painted.